Korey “Big Korey” Roberson was just 3 when he crawled into his family’s home recording studio, made his way into a chair at the helm of the boards, turned on all of the equipment and sat there singing. At 5, his intuitive ear for melodies made him a pint-sized A&R for producers and DJs decades older looking for a fresh, unbiased perspective and at 7, he was penning songs, as well as appearing in videos (DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out”) and performing in front of audiences of over 20,000. By his 8th birthday, Big Korey had produced his first song “Fresh Dressed,” which appeared on DJ Unk’s Billboard-topping album Beatin Down Yo Block. As the son of the legendary and pioneering Atlanta-based music executive Big Oomp and heir to the throne of the Big Oomp Camp empire, which at its peak controlled much of the entertainment scene in the south, the 14 year-old Rapper-Songwriter-Actor is ready to begin a new legacy. The 10 years Big Korey has spent building relationships with artists (Baby D, DJ Unk, Intoxicated), DJs (Jelly, MC Assault) and producers (Montay) were formative for the hit-making machine. He boasts production work and writing credits for DJ Unk, Baby D, Gucci Mane, Flo Rida and Plies, to name only a few and the dividends he’s earning from being a dedicated pupil are paying off. Not only does the mogul-in-training receive royalty checks for the aforementioned projects, but when you combine the experience he’s had performing in front of massive crowds and soaking in knowledge, he’s already light years ahead of many of his peers. “From a small child, I feel like I was destined to be involved in music in some capacity,” explains Big Korey. “The guys I’ve been around since birth along with my dad, have been teaching me everything I needed to know and I’ve been learning and mastering my craft ever since.”

Off to a solid start in what can arguably be considered an already noteworthy career, Big Korey is ready to turn his skill set up to the maximum and do it all. He’s already submitted music for Usher’s upcoming album and has been working with Grammy Award winning songwriter Sean “The Pen” Garrett, as well as Dallas Austin, whom he considers a mentor and friend. Throughout his young life, the multi-faceted entrepreneur alternated between music and sports (baseball, basketball and football) but music was where his heart lied. “My dad coached a lot of the teams I played on but knew I wanted to focus on being an artist and producer, so he backed me 100% and allowed me to follow my dreams.” A serious student whether behind the boards or mic, education plays a huge role in the Roberson household. His weekly routine consists of going to school, tackling homework, going into the studio, making beats and writing hooks. Even his new single “Bill Gates,” an ode to the wealthy Microsoft tycoon speaks on playing hard, but only after one has worked hard. “I have seen the benefits of having a good work ethic and keeping a positive mindset. I was raised to feel like I can be a billionaire, President, an athlete, an artist or whatever I focus my attention on and I put that kind of message in the lyrics I write.” Big Korey’s brand of Hip-Hop can be classified as “relatable, radio-friendly, real and inspiring” due to the nature of the subject matter, which includes enjoying life, traveling, relationships, love and learning. The self-proclaimed “Christian” and “natural born leader” doesn’t use foul language or violent metaphors in his rhymes, preferring to keep it clean, classic and fun, as well as blaze his own trail. “I’ve never been a follower. I like to lead people in my direction, but it’s a good one because I’m one of those people that refuses to fail. It’s just not in my vocabulary or DNA.”

Big Korey makes it known that while he is influenced by the wordplay genius of Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Kanye West, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Big Pun, 2 Pac, Notorious BIG, Ludacris, Drake and Eminem, it’s all of these lyrical poets early body of work that he admires the most. “When an artist drops their first CD, it’s usually the most real and honest because they haven’t really seen fame. In the beginning t’s all about the struggle and you can feel that rawness.”
Although barely a teenager, Big Korey speaks wisdom well beyond his age. He is often invited to schools and events as a guest speaker where he shares his personal story on being in the entertainment industry, as well as having a vision and acting on it. Currently banging out tracks for his yet untitled debut album, he’s also working on a collaborative effort with Young Money’s Lil Chuckee and production work for Lil Twist. Big Korey possesses a humble yet confident spirit, which mirrors his approach to tracks; he spits rhymes that build up versus tear down, but the beats rock hard and loud. “I see myself in college but also being a successful producer, artist, actor and one of the greats that ever did it. I’ve spent most of my life preparing for this moment, whatever it is and whenever it comes. I just know when it happens it’s going to be big.” Everything about Big Korey is “big” except his ego.